When headaches aren’t so dangerous.  

As your chiropractor, I treat hundreds of patients that experience headaches.  Based on medical recommendations and clinical experience, I find a clear majority of people experience lower risk headaches.  Here’s some of the criteria that may deem you lower risk for imminent danger from headaches.  The following is for reference only and is not meant to be used by you to self-diagnose a condition.

  1. Your age is younger than 30
  2. Your headache symptoms mimic typical primary headache symptoms (eg Migraine, Cluster, Tension headache symptoms)
  3. You have a history of similar headaches.
  4. You don’t present with any perceived neurological deficits to yourself or your chiropractor.
  5. You don’t demonstrate a concerning change in your usual headache pattern
  6. You don’t suffer from other high risk conditions such as HIV.
  7. No new history or physical exam findings at the office.

Source: Source:  Hainder et al.  2013. American Family Physician.  “Approach to acute Headaches in Adults”.  Click here for online source: http://www.aafp.org/afp/2013/0515/p682.html