Tension type headaches are the most common type of headaches experienced by adults.  Nearly 40% experience Tension headaches and they tend to affect women more than men.  Most common symptoms include mild to moderate pressure like sensation on both sides of the head without any other associated symptoms.  In clinic, I arrive at a tension-type diagnosis after performing an appropriate history and physical examination using the following guidelines: (The following is for reference only and is not meant to be used by you to self-diagnose a condition)

  1. Headache lasts 30 minutes to 7 days
  2. Frequent headache episodes
  3. pain at both sides of head that appears pressure or band-like
  4. no nausea or vomiting present
  5. only mild to moderate in intensity
  6. One of light or noise sensitivity. Not both.
  7. Not aggravated by day to day activities
  8. May present with tenderness in soft tissue around or on head.

Source: Hainder et al.  2013. American Family Physician.  “Approach to acute Headaches in adults” http://www.aafp.org/afp/2013/0515/p682.html

Source: “Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Management of Headache Disorders in Adults”