Dr. Shervin Ranjbar

Dr. Shervin in His Office in Surrey Newton BC.

I’m a passionate chiropractor practicing out of Surrey, British Columbia. As an evidence-informed chiropractor, I’m a firm believer of addressing the root cause of your conditions using a patient centred interdisciplinary health model. I focus on your body’s dynamic functionality using a variety of muscle, joint and exercises techniques.


As an Iranian immigrant and Canadian citizen, my vision of life and its offerings have always been different. My parents left their world behind in Iran, became refugees to a foreign land in Turkey and eventually moved to Canada, all to give my sister and I the opportunity to have university education.  You see, they were university educated, but based on their religious beliefs, their children were no longer allowed to do the same.  I arrived in Canada knowing the sacrifices of my parents, and continued to watch a former engineer and nurse deliver pizza, work as a cashier, and make ends meet in any way possible.  Their sacrifice fueled my passion to be more and do more.  I pushed myself to take schooling seriously.  I spent 10 years of my life advancing through post-secondary programs to expand my horizons and build my identity.  I now am humbled and privileged to live in the greatest country in the world, one of which provides me with equal rights and opportunity.  And in return, I plan on giving my all to help serve my fellow Canadians and world citizens alike, one patient at a time.  We all deserve respect as people or individuals.  And here, in the friendlier confines of Canada, there’s no greater way to respect yourself by taking care of your body.  I will always further my education to help you respect your body and keep you there.

Post-secondary education

BSc (Hons) Kinesiology & Health Science: York University, Toronto. 2003 – 2007

MSc (Science):  York University, Toronto.  2007-2009

DC (Doctor of Chiropractic): Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Toronto.  2009-2013

College of Chiropractors of BC:  Full active member 2013- Present

British Columbia Chiropractic Association: Full active member 2013- Present

Previous achievements (non-active)

Kinesiologist- 2007

CSEP-PT: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Personal Trainer 2007-9

CSEP-CEP: Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Exercise Physiologist  2009-13

Acupuncture provider (Canada excluding BC and QUE): Acupuncture Council of Ontario – 2013