Vision Statement

I strive to listen, understand and influence the lifelong health needs of my patients by providing excellent evidence informed Chiropractic care.  Excellence means providing quality, valuable and efficient treatments using effective therapeutic techniques.

Mission Statement

I want to be the leading and most innovative clinical Chiropractor in Canada.


Did you know, the term “doctor” originates from the Latin noun docēre, meaning “to teach”? Education is fundamental in my world of patient care.

Patient Centered Care

My patients always come first.  I’m always available for advice or support 24/7.  CONTACT DR SHERVIN

Informed Choices

You’ll always know what you get with me.  I regularly explain exam findings, your diagnosis and treatments in simple terms so you understand and make better decisions.


Without dialogue and a positive doctor-patient relationship, most treatment plans will likely fail to yield true results.  I’m easy to talk to and a great listener (so I think!).  Doctor-patient relationships require quality conversations, discussion of goals and a concise treatment plan for you to get there.   Rest assured you’ll always have that with me.


If you don’t know your problem, how can you solve it?  I’ll help you better understand your condition, and teach you what you need to expedite recovery.  I also keep upgrading my skills every year so that I can be the most effective doctor you’ve had on your team.


I want you better in the quickest and most comfortable way.  Chiropractic care has been shown to be very safe and effective and continues to yield great results for patients.   But nothing in life is risk free.  I always discuss benefits and risks of any care before the start of your treatment program.  In my office, you’ll never be subjected to any kind of treatment you are nervous about or find uncomfortable.


Your time is as important as mine so let’s put it to good use.  Efficient treatment visits and programs are the most successful and the centerpiece of what I offer to all patients.


Your health is priceless.  But real life costs money.  I, like you, have life costs and appreciate value for my money.  So rest assure, you’ll always feel like your money is working hard for you.   But remember, treatments are as good as the person they’re designed for.  You must also do your part to get better sooner.